Organic Hair Care


It’s well known that some people avoid home hair salons for certain reasons like basements and unprofessional salon environment. My hair salon is setup on the main floor and meets the professional salon setting. You will experience relaxing atmosphere and receive one on one time with me. You will be offered fresh smoothies, organic brewed coffee and tea.


To make the experience safe and healthy for myself and clients, I studied the latest techniques in the hair industry using only organic products .When we use synthetic cosmetic or hair products , high percentage of harmful chemicals are absorbed by our bodies through the skin.  The most traditional hair colour products contain parabens and ammonia that disrupt hormonal system and cause allergies.

The foil highlighting technique is now well known for several years. Highlights finished with foil can be time consuming and working with foil can be difficult. This make service is more expensive. Another reason I don’t like to use the foil because is not biodegradable. Many organic salons call themselves “green” just for using organic products but they still use aluminum foil for highlights. I’ve decided to create  reusable meche for hair highlights. My mech is alternative to traditional foil for colouring hair used by hairstylists. It is transparent to allow the hairdresser to see and control the colour process that gives you the best result in achieving the right colour tone. This mesh can be used for the most popular applications like balyage, ombre and low lights. If you’re looking for learning how to use the mech for hair highlights please check out my youtube video.

There are many ways to curl your hair and the most styling methods require heat and it also time consuming.  Overuse of heat styling tools can cause a lot of damage to the hair. The heat can permanently break the hair stracture. To minimize heat styling damage I developed  a new technique that protects the hair from overheating. It’s also fastest way to create a fabulous look for less than five minutes.