Hairdresser in Waterloo, Kitchener

Organic Hairdressing

Hairdresser in Waterloo, KitchenerMy philosophy is being Organic and Natural led me to open organic hairdressing. To make the experience safe and healthy for clients and staff, I studied the Organic Color System and Original Minerals where I learned the latest techniques in the hair industry using only organic products.

My favorite method of highlights is Balayage (hair painting) which has become my specialty.

My strength and love in the hair business is cutting hair. When it comes to cut hair, I love being a part of the creative process of designing my client’s hair style. My goal is to make my clients look the best.

Your hair is a barometer of your health!

My experience as a nutritionist qualifies me to help and motivate my clients to lead a healthy lifestyle. I am happy be able to help my clients to look great and maintain healthy hair. I enjoy the challenge of creating something new and meet fantastic people.