Organic Control Styling

To complete any treatment on your clients, we offer a unique range of styling products. The most unique characteristic of our styling line is that all of our products can be used alone or mixed with one another to accomplish the amount of control and shine that is perfect for the specific look you’re trying to accomplish. The inter-mixability of our styling products provide for an infinite amount of combinations to make sure you’re delivering exactly the look your client will love.

Organic Control Styling allows the hair to move naturally, while holding the style in place. There is none of the crispy, crunchy feeling that you get with plastic-based styling products, which work by coating the hair with a synthetic and toxic plastic film. Plus, Organic Control provides long-lasting hold.

Bonds made with traditional plastic-based products tend to be brittle and break under vigorous movement and the hair requires re-styling or touching-up to maintain a freshly styled look over the course of a day. Instead, Organic Control offers a flexible hold, with superb curl retention, anti-frizz benefits and a lustrous shine for a soft, natural look. The complete range is suitable for all hair types.


Organic Styling Benefits

  • No Brittle Unnatural Holds
  • Active Certified Organic Ingredients
  • Long Lasting Flexible Natural Hold
  • Lustrous Shine without Plastic Coating
  • Nutrients & Anti-Oxidants for the Hair
  • Suitable for all hair types

The Natural Way to Style

Argan Oil Gloss
Argan Oil Gloss serum gives high shine with anti-frizz benefits and manageability. It’s a wonderful alternative to blow-dry oils and delivers exceptional smoothing.

Define wax gives firm hold and is excellent on short hair for that funky textured look. Define wax contains Beeswax which is a naturally-derived fixative, Propanediol for natural moisturizing, and Castor Isostearate Succinate for conditioning. Define is free of petroleum jelly and mineral oil.

Glaze provides the hair with body, hold, and shine. The gentle, alcohol-free formulation increases the conditioning effects, and does not damage the hair even if used regularly. The unique formula delivers important nutrients to the hair, while providing great style and hold.

Sculpt creme offers medium hold for a defined style and texture. It has an easy-to-apply formulation for everyday use. Sculpt contains no petroleum jelly or mineral oil. It is formulated with Castor Isostearate Succinate: a naturally-derived conditioner and Propanediol: a naturally-derived moisturizer.

Shape gel supplies a soft hold and superb curl retention. It is deal for wet looks and textured styles. Shape is made with natural seaweed extract a superb fixative and moisturizer, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) seed extract an organic UV absorber, and Glycerin an organic moisturizer.

Texture putty provides a medium hold for defined styles. It’s a superb finishing product for smoothing ends. Texture contains Quartz for a matte finish, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein for conditioning, and Beeswax a naturally-derived fixative. Texture is silicone free.

Volume mousse gives hair light hold, body and shine, while the carefully chosen ingredients provide protection and anti-humidifiers.