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  1. She did such an amazing job with my perm. The curls were tight and stayed liked that, just like I wanted 🙂
    The experience was so much better than a regular salon, I felt more comfortable because of the natural products, her amazing service, and the pricing was way less.

  2. I highly recommend Olga Song because she SAVED my hair after another hairdresser over processed it during coloring. Olga offer an organic restorative Keratin-like treatment that is non-toxic. You will know if it works before leaving. She will wash it out and blowdry it and you will notice that your hair will be restored. In my case, it was shiny and soft as if no such damage occurred. Due to the damage, some of my hair broke off and so some parts were longer than others. Olga studied my hair & face and was able to style my hair perfectly. I look and feel AMAZING. This treatment may be a bit pricy but you won’t need fancy shampoos or products going forwards and can keep your hair perfect for months. Forget Brazilian Keratin and embrace Olga’s alternative. She knows what she is doing. I strongly recommend her services and will be back for future hair treatments for sure.

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