How many times have you heard the saying, “time is money” Now in the salon, I find that issues of money and time come up a lot, and there are many ways to work around. In hair salon industry we have three a time consuming services:   Hair highlights , perm for long hair and curling long hair. However, productivity in hair salon can be greatly improved by adopting new techniques and tools to make hairstylist work more efficiently.

I started my carrier in hair salon industry in the late 80s when spiral perm had become highly fashionable among women.  Wrapping  the spiral perm you need strong muscles in your arm to follow through with the time-consuming task. In this time I created tool and techniques for spiral perm and implemented it my hair salon. What used to wrapping the spiral curls one hour and even more with a new technique I could do it within ten minutes or less. My method increased profitability of my business.

These days the soft and loose curls are popular. Using innovative perm wrapping technique  allows you to achieve soft and natural-looking waves.

Memory curls.  Save your time in styling your or client’s hair and the same time achieve long-lasting curls.

There are many ways to curl your hair and the most styling methods require heat and it also time-consuming.  Overuse of heat styling tools can cause a lot of damage to the hair. To minimize heat styling damage I developed  a new technique that protects the hair from overheating. It’s also fastest way to create a fabulous look for less than 10 minutes.
Easy mesh to highlight hair. You should be able to cut your labor time with a new easy mesh application.
Highlights finished with foil can be time-consuming and working with foil can be difficult especially for beginners.  Another reason I don’t like to use the foil because is not biodegradable. Many organic salons call themselves “green” just for using organic products but they still use aluminum foil for highlights. I’ve decided to create  reusable mech for hair highlights. My mech is alternative to traditional foil for colouring hair used by hairstylists. It is transparent to allow the hairdresser to see and control the colour process that gives you the best result in achieving the right colour tone. This mesh can be used for the most popular applications like highlights balyage, ombre and low lights.

What will be covered

  • New permanent waving techniques. I will demonstrate you the steps and tools necessary to create natural looking waves.
  • Memory curls. I will demonstrate you the steps and tools necessary to create natural looking curls
  • Easy mesh to highlight hair.
    I will demonstrate you how to make reusable mesh for hair highlights and its application.

How much it will cost

$150 -in-salon training for group of 3 or more

$100 -one to -one training in my studio